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Rewiring Your Sexual Self with Mind-Body-Spirit Integration


This 8-week teleseminar series will take you through applying the skills and techniques of Mind-Body (and Spirit) Medicine to Rewire, Revive, and SET FREE your sexual self!

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Who is it for?

Individuals, Couples, Moresomes ~ Sexuality Educators ~ Therapists ~ Mind-Body Practitioners ~ Holistic Healers ~ Sex Coaches ~ all Sexual Beings ~ People of all Faiths

Anyone wishing to bring HOLISTIC HEALING TO SEX

This 8-week course will begin

May 16th at 5pm PT/8pm ET.

Attend from anywhere LIVE or listen to the RECORDED CALLS

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What will you learn?

In this class you will get the HISTORY, TECHNIQUES, AND RESOURCES to be able to:

  • Effectively use stress reduction techniques to improve your (or your client’s) sex life
  • Understand the mechanics of stress reduction as it applies to sexual wellness
  • Use the POWER of breath to improve your (or your client’s) sexual performance
  • Reframe negative mental scripts with guided imagery and sexual fantasy
  • Connect with your EROTIC SELF
  • Understand the deep connection between Sexuality and Spirituality
  • And most importantly…how to effectively bring it all together to give yourself (or client) the best sex life possible!

You will learn the keys to REWIRING the SEXUAL SELF. This course provides the tools and techniques needed to recover from depletion of sexual energy and desire. STOP BEING A SPECTATOR IN YOUR OWN BEDROOM. Learn to be present and engaged. You will work with certain practices or harmonies which when present have power & energy to nourish, heal, awaken, transform, integrate, and connect.lotus


  • Eight phone & online classes with Live Chat accessible by computer, phone, or Skype
  • 24/7 access to an interactive, private, confidential discussion group/electronic community space
  • Scripts and resources for EXPERIENTIAL PARTICIPATION
  • On-going access to all call recordings
  • Group and one-on-one support


*Ability to purchase one hour one-on-one sessions for $60 through July 2017. ($40 per session discount)

* Entry in a drawing for a full length, one hour long, one-on-one coaching session

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The psychological division of mind, body, and spirit is responsible for so many of life’s woes, and problems around sexuality are no exception. Modern medicine treats physical pain without addressing the psychological components associated with it. Psychologists often focus on psychological dysfunction without factoring in spiritual (not necessarily religious) needs. Spiritual (especially religious) leaders focus of the soul despite the body. This is why I practice and teach Holistic Sexual Wellness. Through components of Mind-Body Medicine including guided imagery, breathing, hypnosis, mindfulness, biofeedback and spirituality, I address concerns at the core of the sexual being. We, as sexual beings, are not a body, a mind, or a soul. The sexual being is a whole person with a body AND mind AND soul.

Whether you are a professional wanting to integrate Mind-Body-Spirit Medicine into your practice or and individual wanting to better connect with your sexual self, this upcoming course will offer you insight and instruction in doing so.    


alexzandria bakerAlexzandria Baker is a clinical sexologist, sexuality educator and researcher, relationship counselor, and Certified Professional Sex Coach. She is earning her PhD in Psychology with a Humanistic, Existential, and Transpersonal concentration from Saybrook University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a dual concentration in Psychology and Religion from Thomas Edison State College and a Master of Science degree in Mind-Body Medicine also from Saybrook University. She specializes in a wide array of sexual wellness, relationship, and intimacy issues, incorporating the mind-body connection and sacredness into her work with individuals, couples, and groups in order to form a more holistic base for sexual healing and sexuality education.